Snowhaven Studio's 2020 Release Schedule

Snowhaven Studios has a plan for 2020, including three standalone single player visual novels!

Snowhaven Studio's 2020 Release Schedule

Hello Everyone!

With the announcement of our new studio for standalone games, we want to share the 2020 release schedule for Snowhaven Studios.

Tentatively, we are planning at least three visual novel releases during 2020. The list so far includes Once Upon an Electric Dream (February 2020), My Sweet Confession (April 2020), and a still unnamed project code named Theater Story (June 2020). They cover a variety of themes and will be fully voice acted.

We'll be doing future spotlights on each of the stories, revealing key characters and sneak peeks at what you can expect!

After the holidays, we'll be taking a look back at Not It, our first visual novel published during the Spooktober game jam. We're extremely proud of all the work that went into creating the adventure, and want to share our continued excitement.

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