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Snowhaven Studios specializes in captivating, heartwarming slice-of-life visual novels told through the lens of driven female protagonists. All our works explore a variety of genres to tell unique stories. We hope that the leading ladies in our visual novels take you on a memorable journey.

As developers, we work with talented individuals from around the world to bring each of our games to life.


Courtney Gamache-Owen Twitter
Courtney is our Marketing Director and she is responsible for overseeing our marketing initiatives.

Hadara Madrak Twitter
Hadara is our Art Director and she is responsible for overseeing the art direction for each of our games. She also gets hands-on with creating assets for our games when needed.

John Madrak Twitter
John is our Director and he is responsible for managing the overall direction of the studio and various business requirements. He also gets hands-on with programming for our games when needed.


Kristi Jimenez Twitter
Kristi is our Operations Specialist and she has various responsibilities at our studio including performing administrative tasks, assisting other team members, helping with our studio's overall organization, and performing important market research.

Lunaterra Twitter
Lunaterra is our Editor and they are responsible for editing both our stories and marketing materials.

Past Contributors






  • Jacob Staub


Social Media


  • ii2esbie

Voice Acting

Voice Direction


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