Celebrating My Sweet Confession's One Year Anniversary

The My Sweet Confession one-year Steam release anniversary is this weekend, and we have a sale planned!

Celebrating My Sweet Confession's One Year Anniversary

Hello, everyone!

We’re excited to announce that tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of My Sweet Confession releasing on Steam! To celebrate this milestone, we’re running a 50% off sale both on Steam and itch for My Sweet Confession from tomorrow Saturday, May 8th through Saturday, May 15th.

That whole week we’ll be celebrating with My Sweet Confession content, showing promotional images we haven’t posted before and highlighting all the talented individuals who helped us bring it to life.

Help us celebrate by sharing your favorite My Sweet Confession detail and printing out character DIY bookmarks to use with your own physical novels!

Can’t wait for you all to see the interesting sketches we have from the development. Make sure to follow us over on Twitter to see when the sale goes live and view all these never-before-seen images!