Dara - UI, CG Gallery and Logo Design for The Last Act

Here's a peek behind-the-scenes with Dara, who designed the Logo, UI, and CG Gallery for The Last Act!

Dara - UI, CG Gallery and Logo Design for The Last Act

Dara, known as @PogoNR on Twitter, designed the UI, CG Gallery, and logo for The Last Act. Taking themes directly from the theater and specifically a Playbill, she created an atmospheric UI that immerses the player in the game.

Here's a look into her work process, and specifically, her inspiration for the logo and UI ranging into the CG gallery.

UI and Logo Design

"I am a really big fan of diagetic UI's in games and really wanted to bring that to The Last Act. I thought having the UI reflect playing out a script would be a good fit for the story. The dialogue box is a script packet that an actor would get at rehearsal, the CG gallery is a Playbill, and the pause menu is an intermission menu. The same thought goes to the logo which has the typical dual mask faces from theater but with a ghostly glow to express the supernatural part of the story."

Favorite Character

"It would have to be a tie between Gavin and Silas. Gavin to me seems like such a secret dork and I love it. Silas is just a good sweet boy with an amazing character design. I can't decide!"
"The CG gallery is supposed to look like a Playbill that you would get at a theater which has information on the actors and the story. I imagine Sarah has this on her desk in her apartment so I thought it would be interesting and thematic to put little mementos from the game around the desk to represent different moments in the story. The CG gallery has a casting call flier for the play she is in, a takeout menu from the restaurant the player can go to, Gavin's business card, and other little nods to the story."

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