4 Days Until Not It: Spookiest Edition Releases

Not It: Spookiest Edition releases in 4 days! To celebrate the release of our new visual novel we're running a Steam sale on our other titles!

4 Days Until Not It: Spookiest Edition Releases

Hello everyone,

That's right! Just four days until Not It: Spookiest Edition releases. Everyone at Snowhaven has been working so hard on making this horror visual novel great with tons of new additions.

To celebrate our release we're running a two-week Steam sale on all our other visual novels! If you haven't grabbed our other games, now's your time! We started the sale on October 5th, and it'll run until October 18th!

Travel on a deep space mission with Rosavel in Once Upon an Electric Dream

Make chocolates and make a love confession as Ichika in My Sweet Confession

Traverse a haunted theater and solve a decades-old mystery in The Last Act

Thank you all so much for your continued support as we get closer to the October 12th release for Not It: Spookiest Edition! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get our frequent updates on the development and release, and wishlist your copy on Steam!