Jace - Background Design for The Last Act

Here's a look behind-the-scenes with Jace, who designed the backgrounds for The Last Act!

Jace - Background Design for The Last Act

Jace is an illustrator and background artist who designed the backgrounds for The Last Act!

Here's a sneak peek into their work showing their process and inspiration as well as their favorite background.

Inspirations for the Backgrounds

"For the backgrounds for The Last Act, I was lucky to get to work with some already established ideas from the team. Dara created 3D models in SketchUp to give direction on how the scenes were set up, as well as provided a few reference photos and story notes to go off of. In addition, I also looked up a lot of reference images that are similar to the scenes for more ideas to draw from, whether it be specific objects in the environment or inspiration for color palettes. For example, for the exterior shot of the theater, I looked up a lot of downtown city images featuring theaters and brick buildings."

Design Process

"Once I've collected all of my reference images, I start with rough sketches to nail down the general idea of the scene as well as plan out the perspective and main shapes. Once I have a sketch I'm happy with, I get revisions and approval from the team, then move onto the line art phase."
"When the sketches are approved, I move onto getting clean lines down as well as cleaning up any shapes that were rough in the sketch. I also add in any additional smaller details such as lines that indicate texture or anything that wasn't necessary to get the main point across in the rough. In this phase, I want to try to use my lines to give some depth to the background by using thicker lines in the foreground and fewer details in the objects that are further away."
"When the lines are approved, I move onto paint which I break into two major steps. The first step is to decide on a palette and to put flat colors down before moving on to adding any lighting details. I also make any major color adjustments at this stage so they all feel like they belong together."
"After that, I focus on defining the light and shadows, adding textures and depth, and adding colors on the line art to help define any light sources or push back any details (such as the bricks on the buildings, or the lines between the sidewalk)."

Favorite Background

"I really loved the exterior of the theater because it had a lot of fun details and gave us the opportunity to show some of the outside setting of the story. Plus I love doing backgrounds with alternate and dramatic lighting so the night version was very satisfying and fun to paint!"

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