Lauren - Sprites and CGs for The Last Act

Here's a look behind-the-scenes with Lauren, who designed the character sprites and CGs!

Lauren - Sprites and CGs for The Last Act

Lauren, known as SGTSemiSauce, is an incredibly talented artist who brought the character sprites to life and created emotionally driven CGs for the upcoming title, The Last Act.

Here's a look into their work process, along with their favorite character and CG for the visual novel!

Sprite Creation

"Designing the characters was a pretty straight forward thing to start. There was already some lovely concept art I used as a start up, and a few characters were just a matter of translating that into a unique style. I think my favorite character to design was Silas, though, because I got to make him pink. I’m sorry, but we need more masculine-presenting characters who are also pink. More, I say. MORE."
Silas Character Design

Creative Process

"I recall that the sprites were much easier to do, because a single character is a one and done type deal. You should never underestimate the amount of work sprites take, but at the very least the majority of the work is done when you work out the body. The CGs, however, were all done much later than I’d anticipated because suddenly I was doing full illustrations. There was a lot of personal investment on my part so each piece I was actually going through older material, like AMVs and popular visual novel-esque scenes to really get a feel for what made people feel. I think, in some parts, it worked out especially well and cannot emphasize the importance of looking back on things we really loved and felt for."

Favorite Character & CG

"My favorite character would have to be Silas, because I’m a sucker for feels-bait. I love emotional characters who are allowed to have complex and dramatic stories, and I won’t lie I dug out a lot of Avril Lavigne specifically for handling him. He’s a beautiful character and he’s spooky but there’s such a great deal of romanticism and appeal to him. My favorite CG is one with him too but I won’t say which that is because I want people to play it and really try and find that one CG and say to themselves that huh. This one. This one has a lot of love put into it. I’m hoping that will be all of them but my favorite one, I really hope that one comes across.

Although I can definitely say that it’s not one with a house. Any CG with a house, just know that house took over two days to finish. Drawing houses is hard."

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