Meet Dara the UI and Background Artist for My Sweet Confession

The UI and backgrounds for My Sweet Confession were designed by the talented Dara! Read about her work, and see her sketches!

Meet Dara the UI and Background Artist for My Sweet Confession

Dara, the lead artist on My Sweet Confession, also designed the UI and five intricate backgrounds for the visual novel! She blended her aesthetic with that of sprite artist Ema to create a harmonious vibe between both the character designs and the backgrounds. This in turn created a artistically cohesive visual novel with a bright and uplifting style.

Below, read all about Dara's experience working on My Sweet Confession and how she begins such an elaborate project!

What was your inspiration for the backgrounds and UI in My Sweet Confession?

"I wanted the vibe of the backgrounds and UI to match the kind of 'old school fluffy anime' vibes that Ema's character designs were giving. To me they felt very 90s magical girl anime, so I wanted the backgrounds to be pink and colorful. The UI I wanted to also have that pink fluffy feeling and felt that pink bubbly lace screamed that shoujo-slice-of-life-high-school-love feeling."
My Sweet Confession UI Sketch
My Sweet Confession UI

When tackling a project such as My Sweet Confession is there a specific creative process that you go through?

"For me, I like to read through the story to get the overall vibe of how the backgrounds should feel. Having Ema's character designs while making the backgrounds helped provide a clear image of how I wanted the backgrounds to complement it. I started by blocking out a scene in 3D to get a feel for layout, then sketch over the 3D images. To be honest, I also will sometimes play around in The Sims to get an idea of how I want a scene's blueprint to look!"
Outside School

When working on My Sweet Confession did you have any favorite parts about the visual novel?

"This story means a lot to me and has several things that I love about it including being a fan of the writer and the genre. Though I think my favorite part might be how much I relate to Ichika and Hana. I have had my own failed attempts at woo-ing someone with poorly made chocolates and am also allergic to hazelnuts, so those story points really hit home for me haha."

The designs for the title screen and CG Gallery were also by Dara!

My Sweet Confession Title Screen

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