The Last Act is our upcoming visual novel that features six unique characters! The main character is Sarah. There are also three romanceable male characters - Gavin, Joshua, and Silas - along with theater owners Alisha and Miranda!

Learn more about these six characters that play crucial roles in The Last Act.

Sarah's Profile Card

Sarah's the female protagonist and player character. She also happens to be an aspiring actress who is entangled in a supernatural event that could devastate her big night!

Gavin's Profile Card

Gavin's a mysterious private investigator who is looking into the supernatural events at the theater. He's also one of Sarah's possible romance paths, if she can grow to accept Gavin's true intentions.

Joshua's Profile Card

Joshua is Sarah's co-star in their production, but he's very skeptical of all things supernatural. He's also one of Sarah's romance paths, if he can become the leading man of her heart!

Silas' Profile Card

Silas is the lovable ghost with a mysterious past. He tries his best to protect Sarah from the events in the theater. He can be one of Sarah's romance paths, if she can reach his ethereal heart.

Alisha's Profile Card

Alisha is a rival theater director who keeps her secrets to herself, and who has a peculiar interest in Sarah.

Miranda's Profile Card

Miranda is the theater owner and director for Sarah's production! She puts her priorities on the production and, no matter what's necessary, "the show must go on!".

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