Nikita - Composer for The Last Act

Nikita is the talented composer who created the OST for The Last Act. Read about his process and favorite track...

Nikita - Composer for The Last Act

Nikita Kryukov, known as @nkt_krkv on Twitter, is the talented composer who has created the 12-track OST for The Last Act, our upcoming visual novel. He took direct inspiration from the novel itself to make themes for characters and music that would enhance the atmosphere.

Here's a look into his process for creating the soundtrack and his favorite song from it!

Starting a Composition

"First of all, I need to understand what type of track is needed. If it's a theme for a character, I'll look for visual clues, something that just stands out. For example, Alisha's theme was inspired mostly by her outfit and overall appearance, while Silas's theme was inspired by his biography and the epoch he came from. On the other hand, if a track needs to be just a “typical/generic visual novel track", I try to find the features that define the game itself. The Last Act is a mix of mystery, romance and drama, which somehow must blend to become the leitmotif of the whole soundtrack. Thank goodness I don't have to be in any particular mood to be able to compose music. All that's left is to achieve the same with writing."

Inspiration for the Soundtrack

"My main inspiration when working on any project is the project itself. I consider inspiration to be something that has the right to influence my decisions while composing."

Favorite Song in The Last Act

"My favourite track is definitely Silas's theme. I've always wanted to work on something inspired by spiritual music from the 17th and 18th centuries. But I also like Gavin's theme a lot. It's not the sort of thing I would compose every day. New experience is always good!"

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The Last Act is now available over on Steam and itch!