Not It: Spookiest Edition - Release Date & Easthollow Residents

Not It: Spookiest Edition has an official release date of October 12th! Learn more about the game and Easthollow's residents.

Not It: Spookiest Edition - Release Date & Easthollow Residents

Hello everyone,

If you missed our Twitter announcement yesterday, we have an official release date for Not It: Spookiest Edition! Get ready to join Katie for her spooky scary tale on Tuesday, October 12th on both Steam and itch!

Now that you know WHEN to join Katie, time for you to get to know Easthollow's residents! This eccentric ensemble joins Katie on Halloween when Easthollow's curse is running amuck. Is someone possessed? Is it someone who believes in the curse, or one of the nonbelievers?

Katie - The Protagonist. Easthollow's newest resident. Does she believe? VA: Breanna MacDowall
Mayor - The Public Servant. Confident. Prideful to a fault. VA: Anthony Sardinha
Willow - The Skeptic. Historian. Believes in fact not fiction. VA: Ariana Rosario
Joseph - The Coward. Believes in the curse. Easthollow resident. VA: Jonathan Flores
Rita - The Believer. Spiritual. Faithful in more ways than one. VA: Hannah Hellwig
Officer Mike - The Law. Protector of Easthollow. Self-proclaimed leader. VA: Duffy Weber
Frank - The Steward. Believes in the curse. Old fashioned. VA: Timothy Callaway
Vinnie - The Outsider. Stranger. Suspicious of the curse. VA: Ryan Negrón

Thank you all so much for your continued support as we close in on the October 12th release for Not It: Spookiest Edition! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get our frequent updates on the development and release, and wishlist your copy on Steam!