Not It: Spookiest Edition Voice Cast Reveal!

The voice cast for Not It: Spookiest Edition has been chosen! Here's the official list, and a trailer with a sneak peek at each character!

Not It: Spookiest Edition Voice Cast Reveal!

Hello everyone,

We’re so excited to announce that our revamp of Not It titled Not It: Spookiest Edition has a voice cast! We worked with No Studio in Particular (@NSIPStudio) to find the right voices for the characters, and we’re so thrilled with our crew!

Behold, the voice cast!

Breanna MacDowall (@BreMacD) as our female protagonist, Katie
Jonathan Flores (@JonFloresVO) as Joseph
Duffy Weber (@DuffyPWeber) as Officer Mike
Hannah Hellwig (@thejediexile21) as Rita
Ryan Negrón (@DrRyanNegronIV) is Vinnie
Ariana Rosario (@luucariii) as Willow
Timothy Callaway (@VegasVoiceActor) as Frank
Anthony Sardinha (@AntfishVO) as The Mayor

We also have this wonderful voice cast reveal trailer created by Dara (@PogoNR) that gives snippets of the voice acting for each character!

I know we tweeted about Friday the 13th already today, but here are our 13 Reasons Why You Should Play Not It: Spookiest Edition graphic!

Thank you so much for your continued support as we move forward with Not It: Spookiest Edition! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get our frequent updates on the progress!