Not It: Spookiest Edition

Not It: Spookiest Edition is the official title for our updated version of our game jam horror game, Not It! Learn about the title, and what to expect!

Not It: Spookiest Edition

Hello everyone,

We’ve been talking a lot on Twitter about our additions to Not It, and we’ve decided the official title for this visual novel will be Not It: Spookiest Edition.

Why the spookiest edition?

While it’ll follow the same story as our game jam entry with some additional lines, we’re also adding new backgrounds, CGs, voice acting, and a polished UI to really bring you into what is essentially Katie’s nightmare. I mean, really, she just wanted to have a calm moving day without all of this curse business.

The spookiest part is we’re really working to show just how violent the curse is as townsfolk can perish throughout the night. To make this visual novel accessible to everyone, we’re adding a toggle feature so you can choose censored CGs over the more graphic ones. They will still show when someone’s perished, but it will be much more tame. Not It will still be categorized as Mature, since it has violent depictions and descriptions.

While there’s not much we can show right now aside from the backgrounds we’ve been working on, we’ll be continuing our constant updates on Twitter, so make sure to follow!