Hello, everyone!

Once Upon an Electric Dream, our upcoming visual novel, is set to release next month!

This sci-fi mystery features choices that will define your ending while you play as our protagonist, Princess Rosavel.

Check out the character highlights below as well as a sneak peek at the background of the opening scene.

Princess Rosavel


King of Desert Thorns


Briar Rose Passenger Ship

The Story

Once Upon an Electric Dream is a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty that blends the classic fairy-tale with science fiction elements. Our sweet Princess Rosavel finds herself on a mysterious deep space mission with no memories of her past or recollection of the reason for such a long journey. With the help of her trusted friend and faithful servant Miel, she'll recover her memories and relearn her purpose for travelling so far from her home of Terria.

Take a trip with us in Once Upon an Electric Dream next month when it releases.

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