Romance Paths in The Last Act

Learn about the romance paths in The Last Act!

Romance Paths in The Last Act

The Last Act, our upcoming visual novel about mysteries, romance, and supernatural events features three romanceable characters - Gavin, Joshua, and Silas!

Learn more about the guys, and maybe decide who you'll romance when you play the game!

Gavin's the sultry detective in The Last Act who has his own motives and intentions on investigating the theater. Sarah will have to accept who Gavin really is, and why he's so interested in Miranda's theater.

Joshua is Sarah's delightful co-star in Miranda's production, and is very skeptical about everything paranormal. That being said, he is down-to-earth and wants to get to the bottom of the mysterious events in the theater. Sarah will have to move past their differences if she wants him to be the leading man of her heart.

Silas is the friendly and lovable ghost who tries his best to protect Sarah from the theater's mysterious events. He has a complicated and heartbreaking backstory that ties into everything happening around Miranda's theater. Sarah will have to look past Silas' history if she wants to reach his ethereal heart.

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