Season of Thanks

We're so incredibly thankful for everyone's support of our visual novel Not It, along with everyone who contributed to the creation.

Season of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

During this season of thanks, we wanted to extend our most sincere gratitude for all the support we've received during the Spooktober Game Jam and the official release of Not It. Having Not It be our premiere visual novel was a fantastic opportunity to show what we are capable of achieving.

We want to truly thank everyone who was involved in the creation of Not It as well as everyone who interacted with our Twitter posts and showed enthusiasm on All of your likes, retweets, downloads, and even just looking at Not It push us to create more interesting visual novels.

To thank everyone, we put together some festive photos for what the characters in Not It might be doing for Thanksgiving. Keep your eyes peeled for another possible mystery around the town. We hope you find them as funny as we did!

Enjoy the holiday, and make sure to follow us on Twitter to learn more about our upcoming visual novels!