Snowhaven Studios Announcement

Snowhaven Studios is a new studio creating standalone visual novel content for our growing community.

Snowhaven Studios Announcement

Hello everyone and welcome to Snowhaven, a visual novel studio where part of the creative team behind Party Tales is working tirelessly to create standalone visual novels for our growing community. Collaborating with talent around the world, we have brought together artists and writers to create unique single-player adventures in various genres.

Some of our visual novels will eventually be incorporated into the multiplayer platform Party Tales, but they will also remain standalone. We’re hoping to create the best of both worlds for our community!

The team behind Snowhaven has already released one visual novel called Not It as part of the Spooktober Game Jam hosted by DevTalk+, and we are planning to release at least three more throughout 2020 that feature full voice acting.

Soon, we’ll be sharing more sneak peeks and information into our visual novel development starting with the first of our upcoming 2020 releases, Once Upon an Electric Dream.

You can follow Snowhaven Studios on Twitter for visual novel news and Party Tales on Twitter for the multiplayer platform development.

Stay tuned for our future posts and casting calls!