Snowhaven Studios in 2021

It's 2021 and Snowhaven Studios has tons of plans! Read more about The Last Act, and our future releases currently in development!

Snowhaven Studios in 2021

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since our last big devlog! We have some new information to share about The Last Act, and what we have planned for 2021.

Delaying The Last Act to 2021

Originally we planned to release The Last Act in 2020, but it wasn't ready due to some problems that took extra time to fix. It's important to us that we craft a well-made visual novel with as few issues as possible. So, we've been taking the extra time to make sure The Last Act is completely finished, and that playtesting has moved forward as planned to take care of those issues!

That being said, we're nearing the end of the process and plan to announce an official release date soon! For now, you can always go wishlist The Last Act on Steam to be notified when the release date is added.

In the process of addressing the problems we found in playtesting, we also implemented Steam Achievements in The Last Act, meaning it's our first visual novel to have these milestones! They were designed by Dara, and we hope you find them as endearing as we do.

Steam Achievements preview for The Last Act.

Our Future Projects

While The Last Act has clearly been taking up almost all of our attention, we’re also looking to the future. We have a few visual novel ideas planned out, and we're actively starting development on the next as The Last Act finishes up.

There aren't a lot of big details we can share right now about that future project, but we can tell you that it's a yuri visual novel about two music school students. Here’s a little preview of the character design by SgtSemiSauce, who worked on the characters and CGs in Not It and The Last Act.

Teaser for the main characters in our future yuri visual novel.

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You can now buy The Last Act over on Steam and itch!