Spooktober Game Jam Spotlight - Background Artist Allison

Allison is the background artist for Not It, an entry in the Spooktober Game Jam hosted by DevTalk+. Her work as an animator is astounding, and her contribution to this visual novel is remarkable!

Spooktober Game Jam Spotlight - Background Artist Allison

Allison is a creative animator and illustrator who designed the backgrounds for the Spooktober Game Jam visual novel. Her work as an animator is astounding, and her contribution to this visual novel is remarkable. She is incredibly talented, and working with her on this game jam was a treat.

What sparked your interest in design and animation?

"When I was a kid, I was an enormous book worm. I was drawn to books with elaborate world building in particular (Hello Redwall) and history books with good photography. Everything was interesting and why shouldn't it be when the world was full of sunken ships and dinosaurs, mummies and temples. Unfortunately, when everything is interesting, it's really hard to settle on a career path. When I got to college, I realized to do good work as an artist, I kinda got to research everything, which was really appealing to me. It's also resulted in me picking up a bunch of eclectic skills and knowledge."

What have you worked on, and where can we find it?

"My first animation production was Give A Mouse A Cookie, which is a kids show for Amazon prime. I've helped out on a few other things I can't talk about here, but my most recent show was Care Bears: Unlock the Magic for Boomerang. That one was fun. We did almost all the visual aspects of that show, so it was really fun to see the work my friends were doing across all departments."

Between design and animating, what is your favorite aspect?

"Hmmmm, design wise, if I can nail color down juuuuust right I'm pretty happy. Bounced light really tickles me good. Prop design is my favorite way to decompress because you don't have the pressure of a finished composition to distract you from the enjoyment of painting. Animation wise, if I can hit a beat well I really enjoy that. Action shots in particular are a favorite of mine. Since I hang out with acrobats in my free time, I try to pay attention to body mechanics as folks move through tricks."

How do you jump into a project? Do you have a process for starting?

"Oh gosh, I don't really have a process that I go through every time. I guess I try to figure out what needs to be done and what I need to do to accomplish that in my timeframe, especially because animation production schedules are so tight. For the game jam, I spent some time walking through my neighborhood and shooting reference for buildings. Color wise, I try to find a good color palette and stick to to it to maintain consistency."

Outside of your work, what are some of your hobbies and pastimes?

"Outside of work, I am a trapeze artist in a circus. My fist boss was a uni-cyclist and introduced me to a circus school near my workplace. I picked up aerials as a way to decompress after work, and it's really kept my wrists healthy for drawing. I also volunteer at a community wood fired oven where I make a bunch of bread and pizza and pet all the dogs. Not at the same time, though."

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