Spooktober Game Jam Spotlight - Character Artist Lauren (SGTSemiSauce)

Lauren is the character artist for the Not It entry to the Spooktober Game Jam hosted by DevTalk+. Read about her design inspiration and process!

Spooktober Game Jam Spotlight - Character Artist Lauren (SGTSemiSauce)

Lauren is our character designer for our horror visual novel being developed for the Spooktober Game Jam! She is a freelance illustrator who has worked on her craft tirelessly to create her own style. We love the work she's done for the Game Jam entry and can't wait for you all to see it!

What is your favorite theme and type of drawing to create?

"Shoujo-esque, girly, colorful and poppy. I read a lot of girls manga and when I can, I love using those themes."

What got you interested in drawing?

"I’d have to say OC culture. My drawing revolves heavily around my need to be able to execute my own ideas, and a long time ago I used to use bases to draw original characters I wanted to have. But after a while, it just didn’t cut it, and I didn’t like not being able to make what I wanted to see a reality."

What are your preferred methods in drawing?

"Preferred methods would be iPad, which is an absolute dream. I haven’t used my Wacom intuos tablet in months. But I also like using big, chunky markers on large paper. It’s fun, and amazing. Not conventional but FUN."

Where can we find your art?

"I’m literally SGTSemiSauce everywhere. Newgrounds, Twitter, Deviantart, Redbubble, Instagram."

Outside of drawing what are some of your hobbies?

"Cake decorating, and I collect a bunch, tons of drawing books. Biggest hobby is finding and collecting how to draw books.
I have anatomy, comics, manga, animals, cartoons, perspective. I even have professional fashion design books and tonnsss of comics.
I recommend the Graphic-Sha how to draw manga series, which has books for everything from costumes, anatomy, and even the animation process."

Make sure you follow Lauren, SGTSemiSauce, on Twitter to stay updated on her work!