The Last Act - Author Insight with Samantha Lienhard

Samantha Lienhard is the incredible author who wrote our upcoming visual novel, The Last Act. Read about her experience writing this supernatural tale!

The Last Act - Author Insight with Samantha Lienhard

The Last Act is our upcoming visual novel featuring comedy, romance, mystery, and a supernatural tale all written by the accomplished author Samantha Lienhard.

Here at Snowhaven Studios we've worked with Samantha before for our Spooktober Game Jam entry, Not It, and completely adored her visual novel writing style.

Here's insight on her inspiration, writing organization, and favorite character from The Last Act.

The Last Act: Inspiration

"In a roundabout sort of way, the original Dark Shadows soap opera led to some of my inspiration. I was highly invested in the show at the time I first started to come up with the idea that eventually became The Last Act, and I liked the idea of a story that involved the supernatural, a mysterious plot, and a storyline related to both the past and present. Of course, it ended up being pretty different, but that inspiration was definitely there at the start."

The Last Act: Keeping paths on track

"It varies based on the visual novel, but for one like this that has a lot of branching paths, I try to write the paths in parallel. For example, consider a choice in The Last Act where the player can either spend time with Joshua or Gavin. I would have written the basic Joshua scene and any smaller choices, then gone back to write the basic Gavin scene and any smaller choices, before returning to start work on any further branches from the Joshua scene, and so on."

The Last Act: Favorite character

"I'm tempted to say Silas, because how can I not love the ghost? When I think about it, though, it's probably Gavin. He's the character I had the most fun writing, and I liked the scenes that resulted from spending time with him."

About The Last Act

The Last Act is centered around Sarah, who dreams of becoming a star on the big stage! She finally lands a lead role in a production, but suddenly she's faced with strange paranormal happenings. Can she contain her composure and have a smashing opening night?

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