The Last Act is out - new projects!

The Last Act is finally out, so here are some bookmarks featuring the characters! Snowhaven Studios also has new projects coming up called "Piano Story" and Switch On! Robot Cupid.

The Last Act is out - new projects!

Hello Everyone!

We’re so excited that The Last Act has finally been released. It’s been two weeks since the release date, and the reviews we’ve read and the responses have been wonderful. We want to thank you for following our development and sharing any content. Spreading the word about The Last Act has been a huge help!

The Last Act has been our most ambitious visual novel to date, when accounting for the sprite expressions, CGs, and custom soundtrack. We focused on it for months, and now we’re excited that you can all play it and see it for yourself!

As is our tradition, here are some bookmarks for The Last Act, so you can grab your own favorite novel and have a nice reading break. These are printable on both sides and feature all six of our characters!

If you haven’t had the chance to play The Last Act yet, you can pick it up on both itch and Steam.

What Now?

Now that The Last Act is done, we’ve moved our focus onto the next visual novels we’ve been working on. One is a project called “Piano Story.” It’s about two female music school students and will be a yuri visual novel.

Here’s the logo for the game, and a teaser of the backgrounds created by Jace (low_kiwi) who also did the backgrounds for The Last Act.

There’s not much we can share yet, as we’re still in the early stages of development for "Piano Story", but here’s an image we released some time ago of these two adorable characters, also created by Lauren (SgtSemiSauce), who worked on character sprites for Not It and The Last Act.

We’re also working on another visual novel that was funded through vnFund called Switch On! Robot Cupid. Known visual novel developer Foleso came up with the concept and Snowhaven Studios will be assisting in the development. Below is an official press release for Switch On! Robot Cupid with additional statements.

Snowhaven Studios to Publish ‘Switch On! Robot Cupid’

Visual novel developer Snowhaven Studios has acquired the rights to publish Switch On! Robot Cupid, developed by fellow visual novel creator Foleso.

Snowhaven Studios -- March 31, 2021 -- This upcoming title Switch On! Robot Cupid features a heartfelt tale of a nosy robot undertaking a task to find love for their creator Drew. Can Drew’s new love advisor find them a match with the two-faced basketball team captain, the cold president of the Robotics club, or the hot-headed delinquent?

Currently Switch On! Robot Cupid is in the early stages of development, and is pending a formal release date on Steam and itch.

This transaction has resulted in Snowhaven Studios purchasing the complete game rights, with the studio handling the production, publishing, marketing, and all organization aspects throughout and beyond development of Switch On! Robot Cupid.

Snowhaven Studios director John Madrak was very excited to hear the pitch from Foleso, and prepared the following statement regarding the Switch On! Robot Cupid news:

“Snowhaven Studios was created to bring together groups of talented individuals to create captivating Visual Novels. When Foleso came to us with a pitch for Switch On! Robot Cupid we were instantly drawn in and wanted to learn more about the ideas they had in store for it. After learning more about the story it was an easy decision for us - we wanted to be the ones to bring Foleso's ideas to life. We think that players will really enjoy the story of Drew and their robot companion and can't wait to tell you all more about it.”

Foleso will remain involved during the development process through a visionary standpoint, working with Snowhaven Studios to ensure Switch On! Robot Cupid comes to life as they imagined. Having worked with Snowhaven Studios, Foleso thought they would be the best studio to work with, and prepared this statement:

“I've worked with the Snowhaven team for a while now, and I have firsthand knowledge of how incredibly dedicated, hardworking, and skilled they are. As I began production on the game and realized that I'd need some extra help bringing it to life, I immediately knew that Snowhaven Studios would be the perfect team to work with. I hope everyone will enjoy the story and world as much as I enjoy working on it!”

We'll have more to share regarding "Piano Story" and Switch On! Robot Cupid in the coming weeks. Remember to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all our visual novel news!