Uncover the Mysteries in The Last Act

Are you ready to hear about our upcoming title, The Last Act? Learn about this mystery otome visual novel that will take you on a haunting adventure.

Uncover the Mysteries in The Last Act

The Last Act centers around a female protagonist named Sarah, looking for her first big break on stage. She finally lands a role as the female lead in a play, only to encounter a strange paranormal experience that could ruin her big night.

Can Sarah solve the mystery and save the play’s opening night?

About the Characters

Sarah is the female protagonist and player character who is an aspiring actress. She gets wrapped up in a supernatural complication that could put all her hard work at risk.

Miranda is the director of Sarah’s production and the owner of the theater. She’ll do whatever’s necessary because "the show must go on!"

Alisha is a rival theater director. She keeps her intentions to herself, but what role will she play?

Gavin is a mysterious private investigator who’s hired to get to the bottom of the unfortunate events happening in the theater. Is he too peculiar for Sarah?

Silas is a lovable ghost with a mysterious past. Can Silas protect Sarah? Can she reach his ethereal heart?

Joshua is Sarah’s co-star in their production and not afraid to let everyone know he’s skeptical of ghosts. Will their hearts align?

Sprite Expressions

Sprite Effects in The Last Act

One of the major features we will be including for The Last Act is a scripting effect that animates the sprites. For example, here’s a few interactions within The Last Act:

FAQs on The Last Act

What is The Last Act?
The Last Act is our upcoming visual novel that features romance, a paranormal encounter, and a heavy mystery shrouding a few characters.

What genre will this VN be?
Romance, mystery, and supernatural.

Will the VN have voice acting?
Voice acting is something we are considering in the future, but it will not be included on release.

How many endings? CGs? BGs?
There are 4 endings depending on Sarah’s choices, 20 beautifully illustrated CGs, and 9 BGS that take you to different places throughout the story.

How many characters?
The Last Act features six characters, and three romance paths for our protagonist Sarah. Each character has numerous sprite expressions, showing an abundance of emotions.

How many words?
There are 35,000 words that immerse the player in Sarah’s paranormal world.

What kind of soundtrack can we anticipate in The Last Act?
The Last Act features a fully commissioned soundtrack that brings the story and characters to life. You can listen to Silas's Theme here.

When will The Last Act be released, and where can we buy it?
The Last Act will release in 2020, and be available on itch and Steam!

How much will The Last Act cost?
The Last Act will retail for $9.99 on both platforms.

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